“Making time to practice meditation is the practice”

Welcome to the website of Vipassanā Insight Meditation teacher, podcaster, radio host, and writer, p.m. cheevers, also known as Paul M. Cheevers

Paul is co-founder and teacher at South Shore Insight Meditation Center

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Mindfuling...DIY, a beautiful hardcover book with vinyl record

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All welcome. Weekly events through the Meditation Center, including a weekly Vipassana (Insight) meditation sangha class. Be sure to also catch Paul’s podcast for meditations, always available for you 24/7.

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This idea of emptying your mind and not doing anything is mostly a misunderstanding of what meditation is pointed towards. Practice and know. A whole lotta breath awareness, as object and focus, is practiced, and a whole lotta pandemic context brought in and befriended.

A bit of a raw field recording, sheltering-in-place and all that, and a body and a flow of sound. Stay at home. Stir-crazy.

The book

Mindfuling...DIY is the author’s first published book about the Buddhist Eightfold Path, a collectible hardcover book edition with vinyl record. 

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How to contact Paul Cheevers for author talks, podcast interviews, and teaching requests. 

About p.m. cheevers

Paul is co-founder and teacher at South Shore Insight Meditation Center in Massachusetts, and author of the book Mindfuling...DIY, about the Eightfold Path of Buddhism.

For now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, occasional classes do take place in person but most students prefer to attend using the Zoom platform. Please join us for guest teacher Buddhist Dhamma / Dharmma talks, beginner’s classes, men’s group, and more.

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Last update on November 30,2021

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