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Mindfuling...DIY: Dhamma It Yourself was released in 2019. This limited edition cloth-bound hardcover includes a color 7" vinyl record and sewn-in ribbon bookmark. (You can also listen to a digital version of the record online.)

Mindfulness is not a thing — but it is rapidly becoming unmoored in the West from the larger context: a Way of living that can lead to unparalleled ease and freedom now! Taste a fun and serious exploration in this beautiful book pointing beyond the words to the Eightfold Path as taught by the historical figure popularly known as Buddha. Prose, poetry, and play help you get to know the what, why, and how of waking up as an activity. Mindfuling is what you do yourself and, crucially, if not paradoxically, with others.

Excerpted from Mindfuling...DIY:

Can you see, deeply see: life is blinkin’ short? ...This book and recording will point to the eight ways of reflecting upon, testing, exploring, and practicing a better way to live a significantly happier, more connected, and freer human life.

This is a way to experience relief and happiness in this life, a way beyond suffering, a way to be nourished by and witness the mystery of life. When practiced with a consistency and kind intensity, this ancient way, with roots that extend far into the before of the Buddha, can be modulated wisely for today.

Relief, the uncovering of happiness, and a deep understanding and connection with peoples and animals and plants and all life comes along this path.
Available now

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Title: Mindfuling...DIY: Dhamma It Yourself
207 pages
Papanca Press; First edition (January 15, 2019)
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1.7 pounds

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