Become a supporting member of the Mindfuling Podcast

Here are some ways you can help support. And thank you.

1. Meditate

This is a biggie and is the greatest thing you can do to support yourself, and to support others. If you are reading about meditation, if you are studying it, then you are not meditating. To receive the benefit and share the benefit, Meditate!

2. Listen to the podcast

The Mindfuling Podcast has 200+ episodes on everything about mindfuling — from the historical Buddha, Buddhist meditation, Vipassana Insight, and the Eightfold Path, to breathing, walking, nature, pop culture, and more. Each episode includes a quiet meditation led by Paul and a bit o’ fun. Would you like to learn about meditation? Consider this your invite. All 2019 and 2020 episodes are freely available. Earlier episodes are available through Patreon

And if you have questions related to anything covered in any podcast episode, Paul would love to hear from you. Please reach out and it will be covered in an upcoming episode. Email office (at) mindfuling (dot) org.

3. Review the podcast &/or book

Do you enjoy the Mindfuling podcast or the Mindfuling...DIY book? You can help others locate these resources by reviewing them anywhere you find them listed. Reviews are still the main way of getting a podcast or book to show up in search results and listings.

How to leave a podcast rating or review using your iPhone or iPad
Open the Apple Podcasts app. Search for “Mindfuling” (one L). On the results screen, under Shows, tap See All and scroll down until you see Mindfuling / P.M. Cheevers. Tap it. Now you’re on the main screen for the Mindfuling podcast. Scroll down, past Recent Episodes, to Ratings & Reviews. See the stars and Tap to Rate? Go to town.

How to leave a book rating or review on Amazon
Go to the book's page on Under the book title, scroll down to Customer Reviews. Under Review this product, click the Write a customer review button. Amazon may ask you to sign in before you review it. 

4. Become a supporting member through Patreon

If you are able, you can help support The Mindfuling Podcast and keep it going. It is a labor of love, hosted and produced 100% by Paul. To learn about the levels of membership support and the goodies that go with each, including special episodes, a copy of his book and record, a private 45-minute video session, and others, please see this page on the Patreon website.

Patreon is set up to provide regular monthly support to individuals. If you prefer to make a one-time donation through Patreon, sign up for that amount as a monthly donation, make the donation and, after the funds have left your account, cancel the coming months.

Thank you!

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